Keanu Reeves The Matrix 4 Resurrections (2021) Movie Official Trailer Review

The sequel to the hit 2009 movie was reported in March by The Hollywood Reporter, but it is unclear exactly who will star in it. In the featurette, newcomers Carrie-Anne Moss and Daniel Bernhardt talk about the experience of reliving the cult classic. Other familiar faces, such as Keanu Reeves, also talk about the film. In addition to these newcomers, there will also be several familiar faces from the original films. The trailer for the English version of The Matrix 4 Resurrections has released on the 9th of Sept 2021, and it’s a lot like the original sci-fi.

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The trailer for the 4th movie of the franchise is a teaser for The Matrix Resurrections. Unlike the previous movies, it has no explanation and is merely a preview for the film. The wrapped gift given to the production crew suggests the film’s title is “The Resurrections.” This is the official title for The Master Race reboot. As for Henwick, she previously starred in Marvel’s Iron Fist series as Colleen Wing. In the new film, she will play Morpheus’ younger self.

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In the original movie, the protagonists play the same characters, but in this movie, there’s a new character: Dujour. He’s a hacker who gives Neo new powers. He’s an enlightened being, but his mind is still in the darkness. It’s also a time for his growth. Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a human who guides Neo.

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The sequel will continue the story of Neo and Trinity. The story is just as much about Trinity and Neo’s friendship as it is about the fight between man and machine. During the previous film, Reeves played the former hacker who fell in love with Neo. Her character, Trinity, will also reprise her role, but this time, she’ll have a completely new role. As for Moss, she’ll be returning as the latex-clad badass who became his love interest.

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The new Hollywood sci-fi action movie Matrix 4 Resurrections will be released in theatres on December 22, 2021, just in time for Christmas. Fans can also see the film on HBO Max.


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