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atch the latest English Disney Cinderella songs of video 2021. Read More Shoe Made of Glass by Ben Bailey Smith lyrics. In English, Ben Bailey Smith’s new song Shoe Made of Glass has released in 2021.

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Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine plays a lead role in this new song. The brand new geet has sung by Ben Bailey Smith. The lyrics of the new song Shoe Made of Glass has penned down/ music composed by Ben Bailey Smith. Check out the Ben Bailey Smith new songs in the English section.


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye
If you don’t know yet, you won’t believe
What I’m about to tell
But our handsome young prince at the ball
Well, he fell for a pretty young lady
I hear quite the stunner
Who then turned out to be
Uh-huh, quite the runner
See, at the end of the night
This woman split so fast
She left no name
No I.D. just a shoe made of glass
And now he’s looking
For the girl
With the other glass slipper
No buckles, no laces
Not even a zipper
The shoe
The shoe, does it look like this?
That’s a dirty old boot, lady, swing and a miss
It’s hard for me to tell, could my foot be right?
Your foot’s the size of a canoe, ma’am, way too tight
How unfortunate for me that I birthed
Ten sons…
That is too bad
But I like those vocal runs
‘Ey, ‘ey, ‘ey
People, look, it ain’t me who needs convincing
I ain’t the one with the ring-a-ding-ding
Go home, get your girls in the shoe that goes bling
And don’t show it to me, tell it to your future king


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Written By:
Ben Bailey Smith


SongShoe Made of Glass
Movie: Cinderella
SingerBen Bailey Smith
Lyricist: Ben Bailey Smith
Music: Ben Bailey Smith
Music label: CinderellaMusicVEVO

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Lyricstuneful FAQS & Trifle

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Shoe Made of Glass” song?
The lyrics of the new song “Shoe Made of Glass” has written by Ben Bailey Smith.

Who sang the new song “Shoe Made of Glass”?
The “Shoe Made of Glass” song has sung by Ben Bailey Smith.

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Who is the composer of the new song “Shoe Made of Glass”?
The music director for the “Shoe Made of Glass” has Ben Bailey Smith.

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