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Cinderella | Perfect Lyrics – Camila Cabello


atch the latest English Disney Cinderella songs of video 2021. Read More Perfect by Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine lyrics. In English, Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine’s new song Perfect has released in 2021.

Camila cabello and nicholas galitzine perfect lyrics genius

Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine plays a lead role in this new song. The brand new geet has sung by Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine. The lyrics of the new song Perfect has penned down by Ed Sheeran. Jessica Weiss & Mychael Danna composed the music for the new track. Check out the Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine new songs in the English section.


I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a boy, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cuz we may be kids
But we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl
I’ll be your man
([CINDERELLA]Be my man)
I see my future in your eyes
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this
Darling, you look perfect
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And you look perfect
I don’t deserve this
([CINDERELLA]I don’t deserve this)
You look perfect…… tonight


Written By:
Ed Sheeran


Movie: Cinderella
SingerCamila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine
Lyricist: Ed Sheeran
Music: Jessica Weiss & Mychael Danna
Music label: CinderellaMusicVEVO

Lyricstuneful FAQS & Trifle

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Perfect” song?
The lyrics of the new song “Perfect” has written by the Ed Sheeran.

Who sang the new song “Perfect”?
The “Perfect” song has sung by the Camila Cabello & Nicholas Galitzine.

Who is the composer of the new song “Perfect”?
The music director for the “Perfect” has Jessica Weiss & Mychael Danna.

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