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ead More & Watch the latest English song of 2021 Child Of God Dax lyrics. In English, Dax’s new song Child Of God, that has released in 2021. The song is sung by the Dax, while the lyrics of the Child Of God song has penned by the Dax, and Moses Israel composed the music for the song. Here are the English Lyrics of Child Of God Song.

dax child of god lyrics


Dear God
Thank you for leading me down this path
I’m thankful for the man that I am
At first, I didn’t understand
Now I see the tribulations that I faced, we’re all part of the plan
I tried to walk away I wasn’t whole
You filled the gap inside my heart and let me know I had a soul
I was bleeding on the inside nobody could see
Then I looked into the mirror, he was staring back at me (LexNour)
Now I gotta say
I was lost, where’d I go
Now I’m here, glory road
Child of God, not a sheep
Lost my way, came on home
Used to think the world was cold and I was fighting all alone
Until I made that call and heard his voice
And touch right through that phone
All my pain, all my stress
Added to the dumb neglect
I used to take my burdens and disperse them round to all my friends
Anger and frustration was a means but never to an end
Until you picked me up and took that weight right up off my chest
A child a God
Nothing more, nothing less
Born sinner, not by choice
But also born blessed
I could feel the pressure building up and choking at my neck
Then God told me to take a breath and he would handle all the rest
I’m not a stranger to evil
I’ve done wrong to people
I’ve told lies but in his eyes, I am still equal
My words weaponize, bars save lives they lethal
And take off in the sky spread wings like eagles
My life’s an open book, something for the world to see
People watching what I do, so I’m careful of words I speak
Came up as a child, I never thought that this was what I’d be
But now that it’s my path, I swear to God that I won’t fail to lead
Speaking positivity with every single breath I breathe
Looking up to God, I’m on my hands and down on my knees
Asking him to grant me with the strength in this world agreed
To be the person that will have a shoulder when they need to lean
Promises I made to you, God yes I will keep
May not be who they want, but I’m making what they need
Rose from the dirt in middle of the concrete
And bloomed to a tree to create and disperse seeds
Impact is what I bleed
Won’t fall for anything
I answer to God, I don’t answer to no human being
I am not slave, I am not the devil nor a fiend
I’m a child of God, just like you, we’re on the same team
Grab my hand, stand up, I won’t leave you
You need me just as much as I need you
Fight these battles with me, I promise that you will see through
And stand tall over things beneath you
Child of God
He is I, and you are him
To see God we must first look within
No where else, no place, no human, no race
Just us, and faith, till we meet again
It’s Dax
We were all created in Gods image
Each and every single one of us
Spread love
Receive love
And have faith


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Written By:


SongChild Of God
Lyricist: Dax
Music: Moses Israel
Music label: Dax
Producer: Brittney Boston

Lyricstuneful FAQS & Trifle

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Child Of God” song?
The lyrics of the “Child Of God” song has written by the Dax.

Who sung the song “Child Of God”?
The song “Child Of God” is sung by the Dax.

Who is the composer of the song “Child Of God”?
The music director for the song “Child Of God” is Moses Israel.

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