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Jen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi – Pottum Pogattume


ottum Pogattume Song Lyrics Meaning In English by Jen Martin, Sathyajit Ravi: New tamil song lyrics Pottum Pogattume that has released in 2021. The song Pottum Pogattume is sung by Jen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi featuring Lavanya Tripathi & Arjun Das, and the lyrics are written by Vishnu Edavan, Which has song Pottum Pogattume music given by Jen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi. Madras Logi Vignesh directed the music video for the song Pottum Pogattume.

SongPottum Pogattume
SingerJen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi
lyrics: Vishnu Edavan
Music: Jen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi
Music label: Think Music India
Starring: Lavanya Tripathi & Arjun Das
Director: Madras Logi Vignesh

Pottum Pogattume Lyrics Meaning In English

Hi! It’s me, your luv Guru.
In today’s world, the only
Common thing all of us have is this Virus, Pandemic
And the hospital, that has confined all affected patients.
Ahimsa Medical Centre.
If someone from your home
Or a loved one was infected by this virus
And thereby been arrested by Ahimsa
If you have no idea where they
are or what has happened to them.
Do call this, show and share your love for them.
Let’s hope all
Patients at Ahimsa are listening to this.
Dad, It’s me Michael.
Even after trying so hard,
They never allowed me across the wall.
But don’t u worry, Dad
Everyone, is saying the medicines will be out soon.
Sir, my daughter had
Escaped from there
But they beat her up like
A dog and the hospital army took her away.
I don’t even know if
She is still alive.
Anjali, stay strong.
Hi Sir. I am Doctor Shiva
It’s been a year and a half
Since my Aisha was taken
For treatment by Ahimsa medical centre
And till today there
Has been no information about her, sir
We are orphans, sir
We grew up in the same ashram
And we were very, fond of each other.
The entire time she
was there with me
I didn’t know if it was
Luv or friendship, sir.
It was only after Ahimsa took her away
From me that I understood this was..
(indeed luv)
Aisha, I do not know, if this love is mutual
But I’ve stood before that wall every single day
In the hope of meeting u and telling u this
I will not give up Aisha
I will come to Ahimsa today too
I will see you somehow
‘We are sorry
to interrupt this show.’
‘An important announcement.’
‘From Ahimsa Medical Centre:
a certain number of patients have escaped.’
‘A team has been put
together to find them.’
‘Those that have escaped can be identified by a
stamp that reads “Infected” on their left hand.
‘If any one of you find them, please inform
Ahimsa Medical Centre immediately.’
Son, don’t go!
Aisha, Brother!
Clear the table, Quickly
Get the medicines
From that cupboard, Brother
Plasma, give me the plasma!
I was afraid I’d never get to see you
again Shiva!
I Luv u Shiva
Look, CCTV! fricking smash it!
I’m not sure if
This virus is or isn’t real
Nothing appears to
Be real in Ahimsa either
But, I’ve seen u, That is enough.
Let them take me
Don’t stop them Shiva
Where is Shiva?
You’ve told me your luv
But I am yet to tell mine, Aisha!
I luv u Aisha!
I luv u Shiva!
We have come
To the end of our show.
Everything around us has an end to it.
This virus, the pandemic everything!
But when we selflessly luv someone
That luv has no end to it
This is me the
Luv guru, signing off
Stay strong, Don’t give up

Pottum Pogattume Video Song

Written BY:
Vishnu Edavan

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Who Wrote the Lyrics for the New Song “Pottum Pogattume”?
Vishnu Edavan wrote the lyrics of new song “Pottum Pogattume”.

Who Sung the Song “Pottum Pogattume”?
Jen Martin & Sathyajit Ravi Sung song “Pottum Pogattume”.

Who Directed Video For “Pottum Pogattume”?
Madras Logi Vignesh directed the video song “Pottum Pogattume”.

Which Music label Released The “Pottum Pogattume” Music Video?
Think Music India Labels has released the video song “Pottum Pogattume”.

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