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Twenty One Pilots – Choker Song Lyrics

twenty one pilots choker song lyrics

Twenty One Pilots – Choker

Choker Song Lyrics In English: Choker is a new English Song from Scaled & Icy Alubm that has released in 2021. Tyler Joseph sang the new song Choker, Which has song lyrics penned by Tyler Joseph, and Tyler Joseph composed the music for Choker. Tyler Joseph directed the music video for the song Choker.

Album: Scaled & Icy
SingerTyler Joseph
lyrics: Tyler Joseph
Music: Tyler Joseph
Music label: Twenty One Pilots
Director: Tyler Joseph
Producer: Mark C Eshleman

Choker Lyrics

I don’t bother anyone
Nervous when I stand
Chokin’ on the circumstance
Only smokin’ secondhand
Cut us open, spread us out
Dry us in the sand
Lay the fire beside by side and
U will begin to understand
I know it’s over
I was born a choker
Nobody’s comin’ for me
Comin for me
Mm mm (I know it’s over)
Mm mm. mm mm.. mmmm
I don’t bother anyone
Never make demands
Chokin on the circumstance
Self sabotage is a sweet romance
Seems like all
I am worth is what I am able to withstand
Sooner I can realize that pain is just a middleman
I know it’s over
I was born a choker
Nobody’s comin for me
I see no volunteers to
Cosign on my fears
I will sign on the line
Alone, you are gonn’ change my circumstance
I know I need to move right now bcz
I know it’s over
I was born a choker
Nobody’s comin for me (Only smokin’ secondhand)
I know it’s over
I was born a choker
Nobody’s comin for me
Comin for me
Like a little splinter buried in your skin
Someone else can carve it out but when you have got the pin
It hurts a little less and you can even push it further in
When your body’s screamin’ out, trust your mind’s listening
Like a silhouette that u can barely see
As a shadow cast upon the ground where u will eventually
Lay forever, but the day goes on, the sun moves behind u
U get taller, bolder, stronger and the rearview only blinds u
Mm mm. mm mm.. mm mm

Choker Video Song

Written BY:
Tyler Joseph

LyricsTUNEFUL FAQS & Trifle

Who Wrote the Lyrics for the New Song “Choker”?
Tyler Joseph wrote the lyrics to the new song “Choker”.

Who Sung the Song “Choker”?
Tyler Joseph Sung the song “Choker”.

Who Directed the video for “Choker”?
Tyler Joseph Directed the video song “Choker”.

Which Music label Released the “Choker” Music Video?
Twenty One Pilots has released the video song “Choker”.

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