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Sonar Kathi (Gold Stick) Lyrics in English ¦¦ Pritam Das & Taalpatar Shepai

Sonar Kathi (Gold Stick)

by Pritam Das & Taalpatar Shepai

   Sonar Kathi Song is Crooned by Pritam Das from Taalpatar Shepai. Song Mixing And Mastering By Suman Ghosh And Biswajyoti Chakraborty.

Sonar Kathi (Gold Stick) Lyrics in English

Song: Sonar Kathi (Gold Stick)
Composer: Pritam Das
Direction: Pritam Das & 
Recording Studio: Blooperhouse Studio

Sonar Kathi Lyrics in English

Today you think I’m back
The seagull’s nest is far away,
Today you think I’m back
Conch nests are far away.
I know the address of the golden stick
I know what gold, sticks, addresses are
Suddenly shivering at the touch of your finger.

La la la la la la …

The melody of the fugitive is still mixed in my poetry
I ran with you to Achinpur,
The real mess left behind
The real messy pain,
As if love itself is a fairy tale.

La la la la la la …

I found the illusory wings on a winter’s afternoon
You hang the sun’s canopy,
And the deciduous sorrows spread
Today I am trembling with the rhythm of falling.

You tie me with new lace
I know the mirror in the river water cry thinking,
I will also share the tears
I will share the tears,
Sensitive marks on the palms of your hands.

La la la la la la …

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