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ead more & listen to music for the latest English songs of 2013 Oh No She Didn’t Isyss song lyrics. In English, Isyss’s new song Oh No She Didn’t has released in 2013. The brand new geet has sung by the Isyss, while the lyrics of the new song Oh No She Didn’t has penned down by the Corey Purnell & Christopher “Deep” Henderson, and the Christopher “Deep” Henderson composed the music for the song. Here are the Oh No She Didn’t geet English lyrics.

Isyss oh no she didnt lyrics genius


Girl, this trick done lost her damn mind
My damn roommate from hell

Girl, I know she ain’t trippin’
Yes, girl, yes
And my lights are turned off
And I ain’t got nuttin’ in my refrigerator
But some stank ass milk

Ohh, no she didn’t
Just go there with it
I told you, girl
This chick was shady
But you didn’t get it

So where she at?
You’ll find it
Only take a minute
Cause we da fire, we got heat
So you know we’ll bring it

She used to be my best friend
Tighter than most skin
And closer than cousins

But then
Things are different now though
Because I would follow (So I let her move in)

Said she needed a hand
So I have her a chance (To get back on her feet)
Given the circumstances

I don’t understand this
How could she play me
Last month..

She didn’t pay her half of the rent
(Not me)
But still went shoppin’ when your paycheck was spent
(Not me)
You said the phone bill wasn’t due till the 10th
(Not me)

Ooh oh
Oh no, she didn’t
Oh no, she didn’t
Oh no, she didn’t

You bought the groceries with a bouncing check
(Not me)
You got a man who keeps on calling collect
(Not me)
And do you think that you can disrespect
(Not me)

Ooh oh oh no she didn’t
Oh no she didn’t
Oh no she didn’t

She’s got the nerve to be rude
Breaking up my mood
While eating up all my food

And then she dirties the kitchen
Flirtin’ with my man
I had to be like, “Bitch, listen”
You may think it’s a joke
But I ain’t goin roll
Trying to pay for us both

Instead of giving me more stress
Handle your mess
Or we’ll both be homeless
This month..

Why do you bounce my blouses
Like the whole world owes you something?
What can you expect
If you keep writing checks
And not deposit nothing?

Why do you keep on buying new shoes
Knowing the bills are due?
I don’t believe you
How can continue to do me
The way that you do

Yo, that girl is crazy
Hey, but for real
Thought that heifer is bout
To get me straight evicted
She messed up my credit
Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

Ooh oh
Oh no, she didn’t
Oh no, she didn’t
Oh no, she didn’t

That girl is off the hook for real
If that was me
I would have gotten her moved along time ago
You best believe when
I kick her ass she gonna be gone

Ooh oh
Oh no she didn’t
Oh no she didn’t
Oh no she didn’t

She needs to check herself before she gets left
She needs to give up every cent of her next paycheck
She needs to show a girl a little respect
She’s bout to be thrown in the back stacks, yeah

And you can tell we living like a star
She needs to get her ass out and get another job
She needs to realize when times is hard

Ohh, no no no
But she did it to me

Written By:
Corey Purnell & Christopher “Deep” Henderson


Song: Oh No She Didn’t
Lyricist: Corey Purnell & Christopher “Deep” Henderson
Music: Christopher “Deep” Henderson
Music label: Old School R&B

Lyricstuneful FAQS & Trifle

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Oh No She Didn’t” song?
The lyrics of the new songOh No She Didn’t” has written by Corey Purnell & Christopher “Deep” Henderson.

Who sung the song “Oh No She Didn’t”?
The “Oh No She Didn’tsong has sung by the Isyss.

Who is the composer of the song “Oh No She Didn’t”?
The music director for the song “Oh No She Didn’t” has Christopher “Deep” Henderson.